Report of keywords for today in the world. Most frequently entered long keyword phrases

  1. who gave the comment that “when france sneezes, europe gets cold” ?
  2. a wooden spoon dipped in a cup of ice cream, what will be the other end of it ?
  3. name the treaty of 1832 that recognised greece as an independent nation?
  4. name the writer of the novel “anandmath’
  5. which of the following countries is considered as the ‘cradle of european civilization’ ?
  6. in which season, rabi crops are grown?
  1. classify industries on the basis of source of raw material?
  2. fat is completely digested in which organ ?
  3. which fibre is known as golden fibre?
  4. what is the substance that causes fatigue in our legs when we exercise too much?
  5. what is meant by begar?
  6. who among the following formed the secret society called ‘ young italy’?
  1. symbol that shares a key with ?
  2. rk est mort ?
  3. sail is an example of ___________ industry
  4. what does the word ‘ethnic’ signify?
  5. what is hdi rank of india in the world as per human development report, 2014?
  6. gandhiji’s march from sabarmati to dandi is called the
  1. what type of motion of a child on a swing is?
  2. कैमरे में बंर्द अपादहि कववता कुछ िोगों की संवेर्दिहीिता प्रकट करती है, कैसे ?
  3. which one of the following is the main cause of land degradation in punjab?
  4. true or false international trade is considered as economic barometer for a country.
  5. what is the keyboard shortcut to quit microsoft access ?
  6. development of a country is generally determined by


In the USA today, such long phrases with keywords were asked in search

  1. rk mort ?
  2. symbol that shares a key with ?
  3. tanden
  4. salad green with peppery taste
  5. remove politely as a hat
  1. salad green with a peppery taste
  2. blue marble photo
  3. less restricted
  4. remove politely as a hat crossword clue
  5. tanden biden
  1. subject of the famous photo the blue marble
  2. less restricted crossword clue
  3. removes politely, as a hat
  4. blue marble
  5. the blue marble
  1. who won the voice ?
  2. ibn battuta’s claim in the second paragraph that the ceremony that he observed at the court of the sultan of sumatra was similar to a ceremony that he had seen at the court of the delhi sultan in india is most likely understood in the context of which of the following developments in the indian ocean region in the period 1200–1450 ?
  3. which of the following pieces of evidence most strongly supports the author’s arguments about the quality of the highways described in the passage?
  4. photosynthesis


In the UK today, such long phrases with keywords were asked in search

  1. city in california
  2. name of an electronic assistant
  1. baltic capital city
  2. to put a conclusive stop to
  1. london borough that includes romford
  2. partly fermented wine crossword clue
  1. name of an electronic assistant crossword clue

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